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Affordable Life coaching services

Life Coaching Services

Get the Most out of Life

With me as your Life Coach you will be guaranteed to get:

  • 100% unconditional support, confidentiality and my professional commitment.

  • Someone who listens and provides support with no bias or hidden agenda.

  • Practical and results-proven tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps.

  • A service you will look forward to.

  • More energy, focus, clarity and satisfaction.

  • Personalized homework tasks and feedback along your coaching journey.

  • FREE email access to me between the sessions so that you are completely supported throughout your coaching journey.

  • You will have peace of mind knowing your coach is always there to keep you on track, lending unconditional support and helping you to create the life you have always dreamed of.


​Coaching sessions are conducted via phone, Skype, face-time or in person. The duration of the sessions varies typically between 30 - 60 min. Both, individual sessions and coaching packages are available. Get your quote today!


What is it I want?


Getting clarity can be the first goal you can work on with a coach. When you get clear on what you wish to achieve and what would be important to you and look for that in a coach.


What kind of coach do I need?


There’s a coach for everybody out there. Business coaches, holistic, new age, kick ass, relaxation, literary, career, bald-headed, bearded and grey-suited or healer and crystal coaches.


How much should I pay?


All coaching is an investment in you. You also have to be prepared to invest in emotional equity and give it time and patience too. With me you are paying for many years of expertise of coaching career professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives and start ups and people who are serious about getting the most out of their life.


Do I prefer structure or a more bespoke approach?


I don’t use A-Z programs. My coaching sessions are customized to suit your personal needs, your goals and your personality. I have a fluid approach that deceptively belies a steely intention to fast track you to your desired dream. You will feel understood (at last!), supported and reassured you are in really safe hands while you do the work in changing your life.

What results have they achieved in their lives?


One of the great things about being a coach is that you have to walk your talk. I have overcome a variety of challenges in life such as but not limited to divorce, single parenting, depression, anxiety and stress, and have managed to build a successful career, while attending school full time.

Will the coach give me advice?


NO. We come from the position that you have all the great abilities within you to get to where you want to be. I help you identify and unlock your own skills and talents so you can finally gain the ability to create a life that you desire.

Do I have chemistry with the coach?


This is essential. For the process to work and be effective, it is imperative that you like and trust your coach. If I do not feel that we are a good match, I will recommend for you then to find another coach that best suits your needs.

What does my heart say?


You should feel optimistic, thrilled, excited and really engaged with the idea of working with this coach. Coaching is a serious business but it can also be fun, enlightening and deeply life changing. You should feel truly joyous to be working with the coach of your choice. It’s your life so choose the right coach to make it a truly awesome experience that allows you to obtain imperative skills that last a lifetime.


How does coaching work? 

You’re probably wondering how long coaching takes to work, what happens when you commit to coaching and what you can expect to achieve. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What do I have to do?

Coaching mostly takes place on the phone in 45-60 minute sessions. You book an allotted time to call and we take it from there. This makes it convenient for the time poor and is a very powerful way of getting straight to the issue. Face to face coaching can also be arranged.

How many sessions will I need?


That depends on what you wish to achieve. I ask that clients commit to three months coaching in order to see real sustainable change.

How often should I have a session?

I work with the client’s needs. Usually clients like one session a week initially to kick-start their development and then fewer and fewer as they reach their goal.


Is it like therapy?


No, I’m not a therapist, new age guru, dietician or miracle worker. I may look to your past to see what might be holding you back but coaching is dynamic as it works in the here and now and gives you a practical route to where you want to be.


What does the Life coach do?


It’s my job to help you clarify your goal and then come up with doable strategies that will effortlessly get you to where you want to be.


As your life coach I will be:

  • 100% committed to your success

  • Available in between sessions for free email coaching to keep you continually supported

  • Constantly inspiring and motivating you along the way

  • Giving you a completely confidential service

  • A hand to hold or rocket fuel if you need it

  • Offering unconditional support throughout the coaching process

  • Always providing creative ways of helping you

  • Believing in you even when you don’t

  • To get clarity – to see the wood for the trees

  • Increased confidence

  • Charisma upgrade

  • Greater enjoyment of life

  • Career transition or enhancement

  • Big Dream realization

  • To write “that” book at last

  • Lose weight/get more energy/start a realistic health/exercise plan

  • Save time – streamline tasks to be more effective – get stuff done

  • Have more hours in the day

  • Make (lots) more money

  • Save money

  • Start a business

  • Stop people pleasing and worrying about what people think/seeking approval

  • Live in your Values

  • Take life more lightly

  • Reinvent yourself and your life

  • Stop making excuses

  • Have better relationships

  • Find love

  • Heal the past

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Enjoy greater recognition

  • Write for a living

  • Travel more

  • Become a yoga teacher

  • Being a famous blogger or blogger

  • No more missed opportunities

  • Living without regret

  • Ignite a passion

  • Being completely OK with not being everyone’s cup of tea

  • Finally be who you always knew you could be

  • To feel in your “flow” without pushing or exhausting yourself

  • Meet new people, have a community, find a tribe

  • Finally feeling “got” or understood

  • Speak and live in your truth

  • Have more outrageous joy and rip roaring, uncontained, unconditional fun!

  • Get the very best out of life.